TPB2030 Executive Summary

31 MOVING FORWARD Tindakan Pembangunan Bumiputera 2030 (TPB2030) is a new direction, which aims to ensure fair, equitable and inclusive economic distribution within our Keluarga Malaysia . It cuts across all levels of income groups, ethnicities, regions, and supply chains. TPB2030 is a manifestation of the Government’s continued commitment to providing a balanced, equitable, and inclusive socioeconomy; of which the Bumiputera Agenda plays a vital role. TPB2030 will work towards raising Bumiputera median household income and wealth ownership to allow Bumiputera to have a proactive participation in today’s dynamic economy. Measures will emphasise improved service delivery and its complementing reporting mechanisms, human capital development through enhanced capacity and capability, and cultivating resilient Bumiputera businesses. Bumiputera wealth will be generated through non-financial asset ownership, as well as corporate equity ownership. These efforts will take on a holistic approach to achieving TPB2030’s goals by aligning its PAs with the identified KEGAs, and eventually, BETAs. TPB2030 is designed in the midst of a dynamic global economy, coloured by unprecedented uncertainty. Therefore, its development programmes and initiatives have taken into account the flexibility required for TPB2030 to continuously and effectively serve Bumiputera at all income levels, as they are experiencing a different set of obstacles. It will work towards rebuilding the economy through RMKe-12 to come out of this pandemic as a more resilient nation, further accelerating Bumiputera growth. Ultimately, TPB2030 aims to rebuild the economy through accelerated Bumiputera growth; with Bumiputera emerging from uncertainty as a community that are robust, competitive, and future-ready players within the prosperous and inclusive nation as aspired by Keluarga Malaysia .